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Art&Pastry has been projected and organised by Etiqua. Etiqua is a communication and events agency in the food&beverage sector. With a whole female team directed by Valentina and Stefania, Etiqua has created this event with passion and commitment with the aim to promote haute pastry and the quality of haute cusine.

Via Morosini, 13 - 21100 Varese
T. +39 0332 1691045
F. +39 0332 1690826
E. info@artandpastry.com

We strongly believe in networking and synergies.

To accomplish Art&Pastry, Etiqua is cooperating with:

XD Comunicazione
Two simple letters mean a different approach to advertising. Surprise, engagement and enterteinment are the main characteristics. You just need to change your point of view and the communication will smile.
For Art&Pastry, XD is the ideator of brand image, graphic design and copywriting.
Media s.r.l.
Media Ltd is an IT company that provides technical support and strategic developments of e-business projects, websites and promotional online campaigns. A team of professionist who does not eat only html codes. That is why they could not resist the temptation of being partner of Art&Pastry.
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