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Saturday, March 2, from 10AM to 1PM- ROOM B1
Five Senses & One Technique
A discussion on how bakery and pastry-making are able to communicate, to surprise, to hear the matter and to feel emotions through the use of technology. Pastry is intended as a tool for communication between the manufactures and those who taste, in an exchange in which sight hearing smell touch and taste are activated by the technical expertise and knowledge of chemical and physical food experimentation.
Speakers on this topic Iginio Massari (AMPI Master, Academy Masters Italian Pastry, pastry chef of Pasticceria Veneto), Dario Ranza (Chef Restaurant Principe Leopoldo), Paco Torreblanca (Pastry Totel, Alicante), René Frank (Pastry Chef Restaurant La Vie, Osnabrück) Loretta Fanella (consultant pastry chef), Will Goldfarb (consultant pastry chef).
Some of them, as well as explaining, in practice show their achievements and will try a few tastes.

Sunday, March 3, from 10 AM - ROOM B1
Confectionery & Lightness
Today, this represents a union more topical than ever, given the growing demand for a bakery that combines the taste of satisfaction with the search for quality ingredients, natural light, healthy and can also combine the needs, up, intolerance and allergy .
Speakers on this topic, Luca Montersino (pastry chef de Gourmets Health, Healthy first pastry), Gianluca Drum (consultant pastry chef), Joseph Trotta (French champion of cocktailerie and carving fruit), Francesco Favorito (pastry chef consultant expert in gluten free ).
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